Lessons / Schools

We are offering 2 or 3 day schools.  Basically bring your horse, your horses groceries,  and tell us what you would like to work on.   Enjoy our hospitality, we have room upstairs for you to sleep and meals are provided.  For more information please contact us at 320-259-9539.

At R.J.’s Stables we offer lessons in a wide variety of aspects in the horse world.  Things that range from leading and grooming to competing.  The main thing is, we do not have lesson horses, but rather help you work with your horse.  By working this way, we give you the tools to install the buttons and therefore, you then have the knowledge to work through things at home in the future.

We also,  offer roping lessons in heading, heeling, break away and a little ranch rodeo roping.  We believe that there are a number of steps in teaching roping.   We like to make sure that a person is confident in each step, before moving to the next step.  We have ground dummies to start, then move to your horse (your horse must be able to handle a rope being swung around it and listen to basic horsemanship ques), then to dummies pulled by an atv, and at last move to live cattle. 

We can also do Driving Lessons using our team or yours.